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Buying a HDB Resale flat?

Some factors you may need to consider when buying a resale flat are:

  • Your eligibility to buy (including under the Ethnic Integration Policy)
  • Your budget and whether you can obtain an HDB housing loan or a bank loan
  • Flat type
  • Renovations, fittings and condition of the flat
  • Flat location and accessibility
  • Whether the flat has been announced for Selective En bloc Redevlopment
  • Whether the flat is included in the Main Upgrading Programme.

Selling your HDB flat?

Some factors you may need to consider when selling your HDB flat are:

  • Your eligibility to sell (whether you have met the minimum occupation period)
  • How much is your CPF fund returned and cash proceeds for purchase of another flat
  • Whether you need the HDB Enhanced Contra Facility or Bridging Loan
  • Whether you are required to pay levy, upgrading fees upon sale
  • Whether your buyers are eligible to buy your flat

With many HDB policies, the above list of questions can be endless. Let our professional who specializes in HDB resale to assist you and ensure a smooth transaction. Please call them for a free consultation. Click the icon below to start your search.

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