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A - D

  1. Andi Wong

  2. Alice Yeo

  3. Alton Boo

  4. Bernard Shen

  5. Doris See

E - K

  1. Edward Lui

  2. Evonne Tan

  3. Karen Lum

 L - R

  1. Micah Lim

  2. Magdalene Ong

  3. Peter Ho

  4. Pamela

S - Z

  1. Stanley Tay

  2. Sam Tay

  3. Shan Lim

  4. Vincent Lim

  5. Wang Siew Fah


Please call office at 98522555 if your name is not on this list or request for your ID / Password. 

Associates must close at least 1 deal a year to enjoy these services. 
Company reserves the right to revoke any ID & Password. ID & Password are meant for JKL
Salespersons only. 
Please do not allow others to access using your ID & Password. Violator will be terminated immediately.